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Limitless New Releases

My NA Contemporary romance Dating Maggie will be out Oct. 27th.  It's about an actress who encounters a rancher; he threatens to turn her five year plan upside down.

In the meantime, my publisher has put out some intriguing new releases and pre-orders over the past few weeks. If you are looking for a compelling read, check out the Limitless Publishing page and curl up with a page-turner this weekend.

Top Ten Romantic Comedies of All Time

I found this clip montage on YouTube and thought I'd share it. It features some of my favorite romantic comedies. When Harry Met Sally and Say Anything are probably my favorites. I did find that The Notebook wasn't in the montage, sadly. What are your favorites?

Shortbread Cookies

It's not even fall yet and baking is on my mind. I came across this recipe recently, it's one of my favorites. 
The walnuts and oat flour add a bit of nutrition: 

Oat Walnut Shortbread Cookies

Funny Dating Sketch

I was researching dating vloggers that remind me of the main character in my contemporary romance Dating Maggie. I found this one and it was pretty funny. It also gave me some new ideas for the live action book trailer that my friend and I will be shooting in a few weeks. Play for a good laugh.

Book Trailer Tutorial

I am in the process of putting together all of the elements I'll need for a book trailer. I have a filmmaker friend (Natasha Green) who will help me shoot and direct. I'm auditioning a few actresses and have just written the script. Now I've been perusing Youtube to get some ideas. I found this great tutorial that I thought I'd share for anyone else researching the process.

Note: My book is being published by a small press, Limitless Publishing. This tutorial was made by a self-publisher as part of her series about self publishing professionally. Her production is much bigger than mine will be, but fun to see her tips.

My Book Has a Release Date!

My New Adult Contemporary Romance DATING MAGGIE will be released October 27th 2015. I will post a cover reveal and possibly a few give-away opportunities in the coming weeks. It's an exciting time. The publishing process has been made easy so far by the team atLimitless Publishing.

The next round of edits will be in September, so I'm working on a new book now. The next three months will be about starting to get the word out and learning how to market a book.

That said, if you are a blogger and review books, leave a comment and I will get in touch.

Feel free to follow me on Twitter too: @AuthorJGreenway.