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Author Interview: Marie Piper

I'm thrilled to welcome fellow writer Marie Piper to my blog today. We have a few things in common, we shared a release day and our stories both have cowboys. Her new release Haven's Flame is the first in a series and a historical, sexy romance set in the Old West. It sounds like a great escape on a cold fall evening. It's available now on Amazon. To get to know Ms. Piper better, I asked her a few questions.

Dating Maggie's Book Birthday is Today!

My #Pit2Pub Twitter Publishing Pitch Success Story

Today on Kristen D. Van Risseghem's blog I talk about my path to publication. She's the author of The Guardian, Sword & Stilettos and host of the #Pit2Pub pitch-fest on Twitter.  The next event will be February 3, 2016. You can read my interview here. Author Sophia Valentine also featured Dating Maggie on her Lifestyle and Literature blog today.  She's a fellow Limitless Author with an upcoming erotic romance series due to release in February. Click here to read my interview.

Graveyard Scene Excerpt In Time for Halloween

My new writer friend Jennifer Weiser featured an excerpt from Dating Maggie on her blog today. She's the Author of the compelling new YA Novel The Touched.

In my debut novel, the main character, Maggie ends up on a date in a celebrity filled graveyard. Just because Rudolph Valentino is buried there doesn't make it romantic. Or does it? Click here to read what unfolds.

Book Bloggers: Sign ups for Dating Maggie Reviews and Promo

If you are a book blogger looking for content (promo or reviews). Dating Maggie is releasing next week and there is a sign up for release day. And there is another sign up for the end of November. Thanks for considering featuring my debut novel on your blog:)

Blogger sign up Oct. 27th Release Day Blitz

Blogger sign up for Nov. 27th Limitless Publishing's Feature Friday

Thanks to Leila Tualla for hosting me on her blog today!

Top 10 Reasons to Read my Book

I'm an avid reader but I understand how hard it can be to take a chance on a new writer. I mean I watched Cindy Crawford's Meaningful Beauty informercial that promised me the fountain of youth but I still wouldn't let myself fork over fifty bucks.

The good news is that my book is cheaper than the fountain of youth. It's only $3.99 for the e-book. That's the same price as a grande latte.

And if you are over the age of 25 (Maggie's age) this story will take you back to that youthful time of yore. If you are younger, you will probably relate to Maggie's struggles as she pursues her dreams and tries to find love in the big city.

Still not convinced? Here are ten more reasons to read my debut novel:

1. There's a hot rancher in it. This list could really end here.

2. You loved Bridget Jones's Diaryand hope Dating Maggie is half as entertaining.

3. Holidays are around the corner and you need a unique gift to lift a friend's spirits.

4. You know me, ma…

Pre-Order Dating Maggie on Amazon

Click HERE to Pre-Order Dating Maggie
The e-book will be delivered to you on release day- Oct. 27, 2015. It's FREE if you have Kindle Unlimited.  A paperback version will be available by release  day as well.

Dating Maggie Excerpt I

Dating Maggie Excerpt II

The front door squeaked open. First Maggie saw the steel-toed alligator skin boots and worked her way up to the Stetson cowboy hat perched on the guy’s tall, rugged frame. There was goatee stubble on his face. His hazel eyes were penetrating. He was undeniably hot.
Maggie was having a hard time breathing. Be cool. Cowboys were so not her type anyway. And what was one doing in Hollywood? Maybe he was an extra on something shooting nearby. If not, shouldn’t he be in Montana roping steer or something? 
Sweat pooled in her armpits from running to work. She glanced at her reflection in the dark paneled door. Her hair was thrown up in a messy crow’s nest of a bun. And her uniform did her no favors. Pleated beige polyester pants and a loose green polo shirt would make anyone look dowdy. 
The cowboy extended his hand. “Ma’am, I’m here for the ten o’ clock movie studio tour.”