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Lindsay Detwiler Discusses Without You, Her New Release

Linsday Detwiler's New Adult Romance Without You releases today. She was kind enough to share her thoughts about the writing process and a bit about her new book. Look at the bottom of this post for a chance to enter to win an e-book copy of Without You. Following is my Q & A with her.
What is your process for plotting out your novel? For me, the characters typically come first. I get an idea for my protagonists, and the conflict usually comes from there. The title also comes very early on in the process. From there, I will usually do a very simple, loose outline of the major events. Sometimes, I will jot down an idea for a major event for each chapter. Mostly though, I find myself just writing. I typically just let the characters take over the story, their personalities and character traits dictating the plotline. For Voice of Innocence and Without You, I wrote the last chapter when I was about halfway through. By the middle of the novel, I have a pretty clear idea of where I …