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The Reason I Write by Alexandra Moore

Author Alexandra Moore discusses why she writes and answers some other questions about her writing process and her new book. Her recently released New Adult Suspense Novel Exit Wound is now available on Amazon.

What Compels You to Write?
If you ask some members of my family, they’ll tell you I’m a good liar, and always have been—but if you ask any other family members, they’ll tell you I tell stories. When I was thirteen, I was at the beginning stages of what would become some of the darkest times in my lifetime. Depression, self-harm and PTSD to list off a few things of what was circulating in my life; I didn’t want to go to school. I didn’t want to shower, I didn’t want to do a damned thing, except for one: write. I write to keep those horrible memories at bay, and yet utilize them to help others who may grab my book, expecting a good story and see themselves and their rarely spoken of traumas laid out right in front of them. That was what I aimed to do from the beginning. I wanted to write what hurt me the most, and what was hurting others.

Because between reading books and writing them, I found things that made me want to live. It took a while to get me back in the shower, to get on the right antidepressants and anti-anxiety meds, to find the right therapies. It took a long time to admit to myself how fucked up I had become. But I don’t say I’m fucked up anymore. I say I’m rough around the edges—I don’t say I’m broken, I say I’m bent. 

Yes, on bad days I will shout: “I am so beyond fucked up.” And I will cry to God, asking where in my life did I start to break into pieces. But I know I may never be fully repaired. But I’ll be stronger. I’ll keep writing books until my hands deform from the rheumatism or until I’ve died living my life happily, fully, and wonderfully. I write so I may have that life, and so others can see that one day too, they will have that life. 

What is your process for plotting out your novel?:
Usually I don’t do a lot of plotting. For this book, I plotted out the first eight chapters and used a lot of notes and guides, but in the end I let my characters take over. Plotting be damned!

What is your greatest challenge as a writer?:
Sticking to my characters story, not the story I want to tell. To me, it’s their story and I’m the one who gets to tell it. If I rob them of the truth of their story, well, things get pretty ugly.

Do you write in one genre or multiple genres? Why?:
I write in multiple genres simply because I like to challenge myself, and I enjoy doing something new every once in a while. I want to be able to write any genre at some point—maybe except erotica.

What was your path to publication like?:
It was insane. I queried at least a dozen agents with a lot of rejections and no replies. I tried #PitchWars on Twitter and didn’t get picked, and then I did #PitMad a few days later and within a week I had a contract and was working on my book to be published. Within three months I had a draft of my novel on my computer which turned into a real book. It still amazes me.

What advice do you have for someone who dreams of writing and having a book published?:
Never give up. Simple as that. If you really want to do this with all of your heart, you can never give up. That’s like letting Voldemort win.

What is the premise of you book?:

Here's the Tagline:

“A secret society and a crazed stalker are only the beginning of Bea’s problems…”

Being crowned as royalty in Rosewood Academy’s secret society wasn’t in Bea Morrison’s plans…

A senior in high school, Bea’s life changed forever when a tragic car crash claimed her best friend’s life, leaving her devastated and alone. Now at Rosewood Academy of the Arts, Bea owes a debt. With her best friend no longer queen, it’s up to Bea to be fulfill the role until graduation.

There is nothing money can’t buy, including Crosley’s king status…

When Bea accepts her place as queen, the arrogant Crosley is quick to remind her of her royal duties. Obsessed with the era of the Tudors, Crosley insists they must consummate their relationship—but spousal duties aren’t what Bea signed up for. When she rejects Crosley’s proposal, his expectations twist into absolute obsession.

A sadistic mind makes for an expert stalker…

After graduation, Bea thinks the nightmare of Rosewood Academy is over. She’s pleasantly surprised to reconnect with the gorgeous Everett Thompson, a drummer for her brother’s band. As feelings from their past fling resurface, Bea hopes for a fresh start with the guy who got away.

Bea’s hopes are shattered when she receives threatening texts from Crosley, who is still determined to collect his debt. And as Crosley continues to pursue her, a terrible tragedy proves he is even more dangerous than she feared.

If Bea has learned one thing, it’s that life is too fragile, and it’s anybody’s guess who will make it out of this nightmare alive.


Author Bio:
My name is Alexandra Moore. I've been creating stories since I could talk. I've been putting them onto paper since I could write. Writing books is my dream and my passion, along side with rescuing African Pygmy Hedgehogs, retired race Greyhounds, French Bulldogs, and other various animals I'm probably allergic too.

I'm convinced I'm the blood of the dragon, and the Mother of Dragons.

When I'm not watching GoT, I'm watching Grey's Anatomy (again) on Netflix, and crying over all the MerDer feels. I also spend time with my Boston Terrier Tank and my boyfriend. Both are my cuddle buddies, and I'm afraid the dog is around more often. I don't bite (unless provoked) so feel free to tweet at me, or leave a comment on one of my InstaPics. I can't wait until my book is in print, and to share my thoughts with the rest of the world.


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