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Are Book Trailers Worth the Money?

I had friends help me make a trailer for Dating Maggie. Some don't like them and most say they don't sell books. But I enjoyed making it. I'm not sure if I will make them for future books. What do you think?

Bridget Jones's Baby

I was watching The Today Show the other morning and heard the news that the affable Bridget Jones is back and having a baby! I can't wait to see it. After all, the original Bridget Jones's Diaries helped inspire me to write Dating Maggie. Bridget's deadpan, dry English humor is what sets her apart as a heroine Americans love.

In addition, I was just thinking about the fact that her story featured both an alpha male and a beta male. Hint: Darcy is the beta IMHO. How's a girl to choose between a handsome, slightly jerkish alpha or a dependable nice guy? Part of the fun of these books is that she's been able to have both! This has been on my mind since I just finished and submitted my co-written romance which features a rich alpha male. It was fun to write but has had me craving a chance to write a beta hero. Maybe he'll be a software engineer, poet or elementary school teacher...

On the other hand, I've also been dreaming about writing a hero based on Tom Kee…

Sarah Starting Over Excerpt

Now that my co-writer and I have submitted our co-mance to publishers, I am working on fine tuning my women's fiction novel Sarah Starting Over. Fingers crossed, it will be published in the very near future. 
Here's the premise: It's about a widowed mom who is determined to figure out who murdered her husband. With the help of a handsome black PI with a prosthetic leg, she will find answers and hope.
Brandon appeared at the front door. He was holding a pink box. He slipped it open and inside was an anniversary cake. “We didn’t have a real wedding cake in Vegas, so figured it was time,” Brandon said. “That’s so sweet of you,” I said as I leaned in to kiss him. “It’s marble cake inside with chocolate ganache.” “Mmm…That sounds decadent.” “I know chocolate always puts you in the mood,” He said with a wink. Brandon walked inside and put the cake on the kitchen counter. “If you’re not hungry, maybe we could do something physical to work up our appetites.” “Are you coming on to me?” “M…

Preparing our Co-written Romance, or "Co-mance"

I've been co-writing a contemporary romance with my writing partner Amber Roshay. We decided to choose a pen name for books we write together. After much consideration, we chose 
Anna Starr which is a mash-up of our real middle names. Anna has a Facebook group where we'll talk about romance novels and share updates.

We don't live in the same city, so we relied on Google docs and weekly phone calls to get things done. We also split shifts to make it easier. I wrote in the mornings and she wrote in the evenings. As moms with different schedules, this worked well for us.

We've just finished our revisions and have sent the manuscript off to beta readers for feedback. It was exciting to finish our first book as a team! 

Now we are preparing for #PitMad, the Twitter pitch contest for writers. It will be fun to throw our hat (or manuscript) in the ring. That means we will need to integrate beta reader feedback and polish up our query letter and synopsis this weekend.

Writing a boo…

Love Between the Covers Trailer

I was lucky to see a local screening of this documentary.
It explores romance writing and reading from many
perspectives. If you get a chance to see it, I highly recommend it!