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Cool Orlando Rock Art on the Beach

I stumbled on this when I was at Lincoln City. It's a nice sentiment and won't easily be washed away by the changing tides.

My Sizzling Hot Vacation

We took our family to Laughlin to celebrate my mom's sixtieth birthday. She loves the place. It's not really my scene but for a special birthday, sometimes you have to endure temps in the hundreds, a little smoke, booze and some late nights. Since she gave birth to me and raised me, I figure it was the least I could do, but we're happy to be home in the Pacific Northwest where it's cool. What are your vacation plans this summer?

Sequel to Sarah Starting Over

Some readers have mentioned wanting to read a sequel to Sarah Starting Over. Well, I'm happy to say that I have started writing a book #2 so that readers can see what happens with Greyson and Sarah one year later. Here's a tiny sneak peak. We will see the story through Greyson and Sarah's eyes in this story:

My size thirteen wingtips kicked a couple of oval pebbles until they were sucked into a crack in the sidewalk. Other indentations in the walkway were overgrown with green things. The near constant rain made living in Siletz Bay like taking up residence on the surface of a Chia Pet. I’d been advised to wear more comfortable footwear by the prosthetic experts. But I had an image to maintain, leg or no leg.
The Canon camera I’d inherited from my mom after her passing hung around my neck most days. Clicking pics of married men sharing their beds with their assistants had become my bread and butter.

Cake By the Ocean

Today a stocker at the grocery store asked me if I ever got a song stuck in my head. His was Van Morrison's Moonlight. Mine has been Cake By the Ocean. It's catchy but also makes me want to spend a day eating cake by the ocean:) I'd also settle for a pina colada by the ocean! What song gets stuck in your head?
P.S. Why are the bikini-clad models in this video throwing cake at each other instead of eating it? What a waste of good cake...IMHO.

Nonfiction vs. Fiction...What to Write Next

Over the past few weeks I have been typing out every book idea that pops into my head. There have been some fiction ideas, a premise for a sequel to Sarah Starting Over, some nonfiction pitches and a few log-lines for memoirs. They are currently living on a word document called "book ideas." It's been a struggle choosing just one idea to develop right now.

I've recently finished a romance that I co-wrote with my writing partner Amber Roshay. That will make three romances written in just over a year. It's been a whirlwind of learning to craft love stories. And I have a lot more to learn about writing good fiction.

Joanna Penn is an author of both fiction and nonfiction. Her assertion is that writing nonfiction is a palette cleanser after writing fiction, and that notion really clicked with me.

I've also been inspired because I am reading a memoir, Meghan Daum's "Life Would Be Perfect if I Lived in That House." It's a terrific read. She chroni…